SINAMICS Yaw Solutions

Motion Control puts less stress on the yaw mechanics and lowers the operational costs

SINAMICS Yaw Solutions - Description

In order to generate a maximum amount of energy from wind, the optimal orientation and positioning of the nacelle of a wind energy plant is of fundamental importance. The rapid development of increasingly larger performance classes of wind energy plants places superior requirements regarding the yaw mechanics and the drive technology used. In addition to highly available and reliable components, the flexible adjustment, superior robustness and high energy efficiency of the electrical yaw systems are key criteria.

But that is not all. The currently used innovative wind park concepts also comprise innovative service concepts which are not only based on reliable data for higher-level Condition Monitoring systems but also request worldwide spare parts availabilty. With SINAMICS yaw solutions, Siemens combines in a unique way the product families SINAMICS (drive technology) and SIMOTICS (motors) which have proven their worth in worldwide applications, thus perfectly combining the requirements stated.

Comprehensive control algorithms based on PC reduce the forces acting on the turbine. This ensures controlled starting and prevents tower backlash.

SINAMICS Yaw Solutions – Sample Solution

Distributed inverter

  • Only use of standard drive components

  • High availability

  • Reduced wiring costs

  • 4Q drive unit - full energy recovery - no brake resistor necessary

  • Integrated safety functionality

  • Comprehensive diagnostic functions – can be used with a higher-level condition monitoring system

SINAMICS Yaw Solutions - Features

Reliable, efficient, flexible

SINAMICS yaw solutions are included in the standard or performance versions. They always consider the customer-specific requirements regarding a wind energy plant and consistently rely on the globally and industry-wide proven technology used in the Siemens product lines (SINAMICS S120, SINAMICS G120 / G120D, SIMOTICS S 1FK7, SIMOTICS GP).

No matter which features are required by the wind energy plant - a central or distributed yaw drive solution, with encoder or encoderless, with braking energy recovery or braking resistor, flexible drive solutions based on the state-of-the-art industrial technology are provided, which ensure optimal and reliable yaw applications.

Good to know: In case of need, the proven safety functions of the Siemens drive technology are provided independently of the above-stated features.

SINAMICS Yaw Solutions - Benefits

  • Reduced load and wear
    Integrated drive functions for load reduction
    Proven yaw control methods for the yaw system

  • Reduced number of components
    Minimized installation volume due to distributed drive solutions

  • Reduced maintenance and lifecycle costs
    Robust and highly efficient AC motors
    All components have been manufactured in industrial series production placing superior requirements regarding the quality

  • Excellent cost situation
    Use of high-quality standard products