Products and solutions for maximum availability of wind turbine systems

We provide integrated solutions and a broad product portfolio of generators, electric drives and control systems for wind turbine systems and wind farms: from power generation, through integrated automation and power distribution up to communication.

Application-specific solutions

Power Generation

Power Distribution

Energy Automation

Our perfectly tailored wind generators and wind converters are characterized by their optimum values in terms of reliability and availability, while ensuring maximum yield at the highest level of wind farm availability.

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Perfectly coordinated product portfolio ensures reliable protection against overload, short circuit and overvoltage – both in the main circuit and in the auxiliary circuits.

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Efficient energy automation solutions for wind turbines and grid connection of wind farms to ensure an efficient and reliable operation.

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Automation & Turbine Control

Wind Farm Management


Unique uniformity ensures efficient interaction between all automation components. Create the optimum basis for highly efficient, flexible and therefore productive wind turbines and wind farms.

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Siemens offers a two-part wind farm management solution for wind turbine manufacturers as well as independent service providers: A turbine SCADA with a long-term database and a central service portal.

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Regardless of whether you are controlling and monitoring wind turbines or coordinating entire wind farms: industrial communication ensures that all system components interact perfectly - with SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM.

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Fire Safety

Pitch systems of a wind turbine must work extremely reliably, while proving cost-effective. This is the reason why established technologies are called for that enable safe and reliable operation.

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Wind energy plants require reliable and rugged Yaw systems. A precise nacelle movement which reduces wear to the mechanics plays an equally decisive role here. As such, put your trust in our drive and switching device technology.

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Risk of fire poses a great risk to business continuity and investment protection. Our reliable fire protection solutions for wind farms enable us to guarantee an optimum degree of protection.

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China Creative Wind Energy Co., Ltd. (CCWE)

Automation of wind turbine systems

Efficiency package for wind turbines and wind farms due to an open, PC-based real-time controller, an application-specific software library and a harmonized, modular Wind SCADA system.

Siemens Wind Power

Maximum efficiency of wind turbines and wind farms

In its newest generation of wind turbines, Siemens Wind Power integrates the company's proven automation technology. This increases the construction quality as well as the availability of wind power facilities.

ICARUS Consulting GmbH

Full production output for wind power expansion

ICARUS Consulting uses Tecnomatix digital factory tools to improve customer operations.


A fresh breeze for a better future (german version)

Central control system architecture on software basis for cost-effective configuration and trouble-free operation of wind turbines.