Manufacturing solids and liquids and investing in efficiency

Incoming goods the correct solution at hand

Whether raw materials or packing materials, the cornerstones of your successful production of medicinal products can be found in the incoming goods department. This department must be optimally managed, comprehensively protected, and thoroughly documented.

We support you with a broad portfolio of components and systems to efficiently meet all the requirements of the incoming goods sector. This includes our proven and flexible solutions for storage and material flow logistics; bar-code reader and radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems for the automatic recording of goods; and fire protection, safety, and building automation systems. The optimum interaction of all components and systems enables seamless and Good Manufacturing Practice-compliant documentation of all environmental conditions that a raw material was exposed to. You benefit from more efficient commodity flows, maximum transparency, and improved safety.

Laboratory optimally controlled

The requirements for modern laboratory management include the highest laboratory safety, greater process efficiency, and reduced effort in ensuring compliance with requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11. It is crucial to maintain the consistent high quality of the products manufactured. For this purpose, we offer proven solutions for access control, building automation, and hazard management that ensure constant and safe environmental conditions. You can also optimize your entire laboratory workflow with our SIMATIC IT Unilab laboratory information management system, from sampling to performance that complies with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EU regulations, and from documentation of tests to the supported release of batches. And with Totally Integrated Automation, we enable the seamless integration of your laboratory into all existing control systems up to the levels of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, manufacturing execution system (MES), and distributed control system (DCS).

Provisioning balanced conditions

The right raw materials must be available in the production process in the correct amount and at the right time. For this purpose, we provide a broad spectrum of weighing and dosing systems as well as products, solutions, and systems for the seamless integration of the entire provisioning process. For example, our networks, controls, and HMI solutions enable efficient basic automation. We integrate the process and enterprise resource planning (ERP) levels with our manufacturing execution system (MES) weighing solutions. And with our tracking and tracing solutions based on bar codes or radio-frequency identification (RFID), we guarantee the traceability of all materials. The advantages are obvious: the entire provisioning process becomes more efficient and transparent and complies with 21 CFR Part 11. And you benefit from increased quality, productivity, and long-term investment security.

Formulation consistent quality without compromises

For consistent product quality and long-term productivity, use our portfolio that we have tailored specifically for the requirements of the two core areas of drug formulation. We offer two automation solutions for liquid formulation: we automate complex single-vendor environments with our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system as well as our SIMATIC Batch recipe automation, and we enable local Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions for various equipment with SIMATIC S7 controllers and SIMATIC WinCC. (Figure graphic) We also offer two different solutions for solid formulation: we use SIMATIC PCS 7 for complex single-vendor environments that require ISA-88-compatible recipe automation, and we enable efficient SCADA solutions for distributed multivendor environments with SIMATIC controllers and SIMATIC WinCC. (Figure graphic)

Drug formulation with integrated automation

Increased efficiency, quality, and transparency can be achieved in drug formation with the help of automation solutions that seamlessly integrate components from various manufacturers. We offer the necessary open networks, integrated controls, and modular automation solutions such as component-based automation, SIMATIC WinCC, and the PM Control process management solution. And with our building automation portfolio, we guarantee efficient operation of clean rooms as well as maximum process safety. We also offer user management for all components with SIMATIC Logon in full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Plug-and-play automation, safe fulfillment of requirements, quicker initial operation the advantages of our integrated and modular solutions are obvious. And they pay off via increased productivity and performance. (Figure graphic)

Packaging efficient down the line

A modern packaging line consists of various highly specialized machine modules whose performance is determined to a significant extent by the degree of line integration. With our proven drive and automation solutions for packaging machines, we achieve greater efficiency and transparency. Our modular manufacturing execution system (MES) enables an increase in production performance for example, with SIMATIC IT OEE, our library for the optimization of overall equipment efficiency. And our mechatronic approach to modern machine construction leads to higher flexibility for different products. The scalable SIMOTION motion control system plays a decisive role in boosting speed, functionality, and quality. (Figure graphic)

Warehouse and distribution performance for your storage facility

Modern high-rack storage facilities are efficient transit stations on the way to the consumer. They place great demands on climate control, automation, and building safety. Together with our partners, we implement efficient turnkey high-rack storage and distribution centers that can be seamlessly integrated into company-wide IT systems. For example, our SIMATIC IT manufacturing execution system (MES), in combination with radio-frequency identification (RFID) or bar-code readers, ensures greater transparency and efficiency in the flow of goods and thus enables a clear acceleration in sales. We also offer powerful heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) control systems, flexible safety systems, and intelligent solutions for fire protection and hazard management.