Automation for blood fractionation: Quicker, more efficient, and safer

The demand for blood plasma and other blood products is constantly increasing, but the raw material blood is becoming increasingly scarce. Therefore, efficiency, quality, and performance are important issues in blood fractionation. At the same time, blood fractionation takes place following strict guidelines and under strictly controlled environmental conditions.

With the use of modern automation technology, blood fractionation becomes faster, safer, and more efficient. In cooperation with international partners, we have developed an integrated portfolio of products, systems, and solutions that covers all stages of blood fractionation and blood plasma fractionation. The core piece is our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, which comprehensively and efficiently meets the requirements of the plasma industry.

Your advantages for blood fractionation:

Explosion protection:

  • Fast and reliable signal acquisition in the explosive zone

  • Scalable and flexible control system with SIMATIC PCS 7 and the Profibus PA fieldbus

  • Safe, modular connection of the process level with SIMATIC ET 200iSP in Zone 2, with connection of the sensors in Zone 1

Integrated safety technology:

  • Easy and cost-efficient integration of the safety technology into the standard automation system thanks to SIMATIC PCS 7 with SIMATIC Safety Integrated

Electronic batch record (eBR), SIMATIC Batch, and Route Control:

  • Paperless electronic batch reports for the continuous documentation of blood fractionation

  • Flexible automation with SIMATIC Batch

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance: audit trail, access protection, and electronic signature

  • Reliable compliance with hygiene guidelines for equipment with product contact

Package unit integration:

  • Easy integration with SIMATIC systems (S7, WinCC, OEM, etc.)

  • Low engineering effort and training costs

  • Consistent data management across the entire process

  • RFID technology for seamless tracking and tracing in blood plasma fractionation

  • Improved safety thanks to the seamless monitoring of the cold chain with sensors

Controlled environmental conditions:

  • Compliance with all relevant standards for blood fractionation

  • Individual solutions for building automation and safety

  • Precise monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, and pressure

  • All control and monitoring systems comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)