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The future belongs to green propulsion technologies. For smaller vessels such as yachts or fishing boats, Siemens Marine Solutions has developed EcoProp, its extremely flexible, compact, high-capacity diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system. It provides maximum efficiency, environmental-friendliness and emissions control. EcoProp is the result of decades of experience at Siemens who are the technology leader in the manufacture of hybrid propulsion systems for trains and buses. It provides the best efficiency and the lowest levels of noise and emissions.

Optimum propulsion for all situations

This complete system is easy to use, expandable and flexible, comprising standardised modules which can be freely arranged on board in the design stage to offer a flexible layout with the best use of space.

With its combination of propulsion modes, EcoProp provides the right type of propulsion for the right situation and it complies with the most stringent international environmental regulations. Alternative energy sources such as wind power, solar or fuel cells can easily be integrated or retrofitted.

Benefits include:

  • Emissions control and environmental-friendliness

  • Choice of propulsion mode for high efficiency and flexibility

  • Silent, zero-emission operation gives excellent onboard comfort

  • Modular, flexible and retrofittable

  • Access to all SECA and ECA zones

  • Competitiveness and safe investment

Propulsion modes

Whether you want to race through the waves at top speed or glide silently through quiet bays, EcoProp provides the right propulsion mode for the right situation. Since the drives are always running within their optimum range they have a longer service life.

  • Diesel mode – Details

  • Battery mode – Details

  • Electric mode – Details

  • Hybrid mode – Details

Designed for the future

EcoProp proves that top performance and agility can go hand in hand with cost-effectiveness and emissions control. An easy to use, expandable and flexible integrated system comprising standardised modules, it can be freely arranged on board in the design stage to offer a flexible layout for the best use of space.

EcoProp provides considerable fuel-savings. The system’s greater efficiency results from the diesel engine running within its optimum loading, driving the generator at a constant speed to provide the power to the electric propulsion motor. The result is incredibly economical power consumption with freedom of choice over the energy source. EcoProp complies with the most stringent environmental regulations, so access to all SECA and ECA zones is assured.

The system’s flexibility makes tricky manoeuvres in a harbour or bay - or when anchoring - much easier and safer to achieve.

EcoProp is based on standardised components which are readily available world-wide.