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Submarine drives need to be able to withstand the toughest demands. On long missions and under extreme conditions they must also be able to function perfectly to ensure maximum security for the boat and crew. If a key module fails, back-up systems must be available to maintain the propulsion in all circumstances. They also demand low signatures, high efficiency and easy-to-maintain, space-saving and lightweight modules. With its strong focus on these demands, our DC-Prop for submarines are a favourite option for some type of submarines.

Customised drive solution for submarines

DC-Prop propulsion motors are built especially for the harshest submarine operating conditions. They are extremely robust and resistant to impact and shock. Their noise signature lies well under all threshold levels. The low-noise double armature motor runs at optimum efficiency across the entire speed range from stealth mode through to cruising speed. Ventilator and cooling units only come on line at higher speeds, when their rotation speed and output is precisely aligned to the boat’s cooling requirement.

Absolute security and readiness

DC-Prop propulsion motors provide excellent security and readiness. They are extremely robust, impact and shock resistant. Their redundant design is separated into two engine sections, each operating completely independently and, with supply to the drive from a minimum of two power sources, it is fail-safe and reliable. The drive motor coils are protected against water ingress. Should sea water enter if damage occurs then they can be returned to service following flushing.

Efficiency through design maturity

DC-Prop propulsion motors for submarines can offer high reliability and efficiency because of the wealth of experience that has gone into their design. With stepped switching of the armature and its dedicated batteries, with up to five speeds and speed ranges, each armature is assigned the correct voltage level. This limits the control range of the drive and keeps energy loss to a minimum. Within the respective speed ranges the torque is controlled using an actuator which controls the drive power.

Low signatures

DC-Prop propulsion motors are extremely quiet at low and medium speed range due to the fact that they only call for power in line with demand and because of the economies made by the fans and cooling systems. Their noise signature lies well below all threshold values. To minimise stray fields, all connections and the internal cabling are screened. Non-magnetic housings can also be installed if required.

Compact, easy-to-maintain design

DC-Prop propulsion motors are optimally designed for the cramped conditions on board submarines. Their compact build and low weight takes up little space and reduces power demand. All system modules are easily accessible which facilitates rapid service and repair. The stator yoke is swivel-mounted for easy access and replacement of all segments. The housing and bearing pedestals are sectional to facilitate dismantling in cramped onboard conditions.