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Today’s vessels have numerous sophisticated installations and systems on board, each of which delivers data on their status, performance and efficiency. Our EcoMAIN Decision Support System will help you to fully exploit the commercial potential of your ship by optimising its operation. EcoMAIN is designed as a common platform into which all operating data from the ship’s installations is gathered and processed in a standard format, via a range of onboard interfaces. Energy consumption, emissions, bunkering fluids, service schedules, documentation and information management – these are just some of the processes that are typically evaluated and analysed for optimisation. The largest potential is found in the areas of energy consumption, environmental-friendliness and maintenance cycles.

Targeted decision support for green management of your fleet

Our system supports you with specific advice on optimisation. Behind EcoMAIN are modules such as an energy management system which provides decision support to improve the performance of your ship or entire fleet.

As a result, EcoMAIN provides significant cost-savings with green fleet management – advantages which are crucial in a competitive market to safeguard your investment and the future of your fleet.


Benefits are:

  • Increase in cost-effectiveness

  • Support for well-founded decision-making

  • Improvement of all onboard processes

  • Remote access – land based evaluation of fleet data

  • Green fleet management

  • Competitiveness and safe investment

How ECOMAIN works