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SISHIP eSiPOD – podded propulsion

SISHIP eSiPOD - Efficient diesel-electric propulsion system with twin or mono propellers

Electric pod systems are widely used on diesel-electric powered vessels where very high levels of maneuverability, efficiency and reliability are required. With the SISHIP eSiPOD, Siemens offers a solution in the power range from 5-25 MW which allows maximum flexibility in vessel design and layout thanks to minimal space requirement on board.

The crucial advantage of the SISHIP eSiPOD is the substantially higher overall efficiency resulting from the combination of a compact, hydrodynamically optimized design and efficient, permanently-excited synchronous motor.

One system – two versions

In the area of electric pod-based systems, Siemens is the only supplier of podded propulsion systems equipped optionally with twin or mono propellers. This means that the propulsion system can be optimally adapted for your needs, all depending on the type of vessel and operating profile.

Whether you opt for a twin (SISHIP eSiPOD-T) or mono propeller (SISHIP eSiPOD-M) version, you benefit from an innovative drive system that meets your requirements fully.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely quiet, low-vibration operation

  • Outstanding maneuverability

  • Excellent propulsion efficiency over a wide operating spectrum

  • Highest energy efficiency

  • On board space savings thanks to compact design

  • Reliable propulsion system with redundancy

  • Low maintenance costs due to passive cooling

  • Standardized components available worldwide

  • Competitiveness and safe investment

The SISHIP eSiPOD-M: optimized open water performance with mono propeller


The SISHIP eSiPOD-M is the podded system of choice for vessels with demanding requirements in terms of open water performance and efficiency. The SISHIP eSiPOD-M is equipped with an optimized strut which prevents vibrations and increases course stability. The hydrodynamic efficiency is even further increased thanks to the slim propeller hub and streamlined design.

Cruise ships and other large passengers vessels, mega yachts as well as special vessels with specific ice class requirements benefit in particular from the advantages of the SISHIP eSiPOD-M.

The SISHIP eSiPOD-T: maximum thrust in minimal space due to twin-propeller layout


Twin propeller systems keep space requirements under the stern to an absolute minimum. The SISHIP eSiPOD-T allows for more flexible ship designs and maximizes the payload capacity. This is an advantage especially for ferries, special vessels and naval support vessels.