IPMS (integrated platform management system)

Unconditional system availability is one of the primary requirements of an integrated automation system for naval surface vessels, especially when it comes to reliability of the onboard power supply. IPMS, Siemens’ integrated automation system for naval surface vessels, features redundant monitoring and control of the propulsion system and other onboard subsystems. Thus, IPMS guarantees the mission-critical functionality of all onboard electrical systems, even in emergency situations.

Thanks to its modular structure, IPMS offers you the opportunity to specifically match performance features with your requirements:

  • IPMS controls and monitors all electrically-powered onboard systems

  • Modular, decentralized, and redundant system design

  • Based on reliable SIMATIC S7 standard components capable of withstanding shock waves

  • Integrated automation system for naval surface vessels is easy to operate, and supports the crew by automating routine functions

  • Power supply integrity maintained through integrated energy management

  • Integrated OBTS training system for training under realistic operational conditions

  • Optional BDCS (battle damage control system) for detecting damage and taking necessary countermeasures