Integrated propulsion technologies

Highly efficient ship propulsion systems are the key to sustainable competitiveness and are vital for the successful operation of your vessel. This is not just a fuel cost issue: It is also a question of performance, reliability, and comfort. Integrated drive system concepts from Siemens help you find the right technology for your purposes.

Advanced ship propulsion systems for maximum added value

Siemens is the technology leader in the development of integrated drive systems for ships of all types and sizes. Our systems combine excellent performance, uncompromising reliability, and maximum efficiency in user-friendly complete solutions. All systems – from electric and diesel-electric marine propulsion systems through pod drives and boosters to the highly efficient multi-optional hybrid concept – are precisely customized for the maximum performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of your ship.

Make sure you benefit from the many advantages of our modern ship propulsion systems:

  • Highly efficient systems with maximum operating security and fail-safe performance

  • Solutions tailored to your needs

  • Standardized components available worldwide

  • Complete service and support

  • Increased competitiveness and investment protection

  • Environmentally compatible operation

Drive LV – low-voltage drives up to 5 MW

Drive LV

Diesel-electric marine propulsion systems reduce fuel requirements, increase maneuverability, minimize environmental risks, and make your ship quieter and more comfortable.

EcoProp – electrical drives for small ships


EcoProp is a flexible, compact, high-power diesel-electric propulsion system for smaller vessels such as yachts, ferries, and public authority vessels.

SGM – shaft generator with motor function


Siemens developed the SGM shaft generator with motor function in response to rising fuel costs and ever-stricter environmental regulations.

Drive MV – medium-voltage drives > 5 MW

Drive MV

Designed without compromising power output and fail-safe performance, our Drive MV integrated drive system offers an almost unlimited power range.

SISHIP eSiPOD – Siemens solution for podded propulsion


In addition to its excellent maneuverability, SISHIP eSiPOD – the Siemens podded drive solution – also provides greater flexibility in vessel layout and design.