OBTS (onboard training system) / LBTS (land-based training system)

The OBTS and LBTS training systems teach your crew how to fully exploit the potential of onboard automation solutions. OBTS and LBTS provide training in operational situations under realistic conditions on the actual automation software – either as onboard training in regular operation, by switching between operating and training modes (OBTS), or as land-based training at special training centers (LBTS).

You are able to adapt training courses to your processes:

  • Optimal onboard training of your personnel on board (OBTS)

  • Comprehensive preparation of personnel for operational deployment through land-based training (LBTS)

  • Increased safety in the event of malfunctions, thanks to training with realistic simulations

  • Protection of people, hardware, and the environment

  • Reduced training costs, greater cost-effectiveness

  • Minimization of operational error rate, protection of your investments