Power MV

Power MV is our solution for the onboard medium-voltage supply. Power MV comprises all central components in medium-voltage technology, including the vessel's generator, transformers, and switchgear, and is based on reliable, standardized components. In order to ensure the maximum availability and safety of the power supply from the vessel's generator at all times, Power MV is equipped with mechanical protection devices for every required safety level. The medium-voltage system – consisting of the vessel's generator, switchgear, and energy management system – is designed redundantly to guarantee the reliable, optimized generation and distribution of medium-voltage power on board. The onboard low-voltage system is supplied via transformers.

Peak performance – and many other advantages:

  • Outstanding performance with optimal operational safety and reliability in medium-voltage technology

  • Cost-efficient vessel's generator with high availability and long lifetime

  • Easy operation and maintenance; easy-to-read mechanical-switch setting displays

  • Maximum protection for operating personnel and technical systems in medium-voltage technology

  • High degree of environmental compatibility, for example, vacuum switches used for disconnection and grounding