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For the right course, partnership matters

The Siemens marine commitment stretches back more than 130 years. It is a story of developing close, trusted partnerships with clients like you. And a promise of supporting businesses like yours with future-proof solutions for the safe, efficient and reliable operation of commercial as well as naval vessels. Our highly innovative portfolio of electrical products, systems, solutions and services covers the entire lifecycle. Trendsetting solutions such as our fuel-cell System and Permasyn propulsion system for submarines have reshaped the marine sector. Our Waste Heat Recovery System and BlueDrive PlusC Drive Solution have paved the way into a new era in energy efficiency.

Enabling owners and operators to manage their fleet efficiently

Vessel designs are constantly evolving. Technologies and processes onboard newly built vessels as well as those used for modernizations are increasingly complex. In order to help owners and operators successfully address ever growing market and economic challenges, they must also be efficient and effective. That’s the underlying premise of our marine solutions approach: continuously finding and developing innovations aimed at keeping your business operating and competing successfully and sustainably. For example, intelligent space and load-saving solutions or state-of-the-art automation technologies providing a high level of integration as part of a dedicated system.


commercial ships

Commercial & Passenger vessels

Naval Ships

Naval vessels

SISHIP: solutions for commercial & passenger vessels
Our SISHIP portfolio is unique as it draws on more than a century of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing electrical equipment for commercial & passenger vessels. What’s also special is how these products, systems, solutions and services can help you optimize your vessel’s operational efficiency.

SISHIP offers benefits for:

 Passenger vessels – e.g. with our podded propulsion solution SISHIP eSIPOD Cargo vessels – e.g. with our Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS) Special vessels – e.g. with our vessel data collection and consolidation system EcoMAIN Discover our offering for commercial vessels

SINAVY: solutions for naval vessels
Our SINAVY portfolio comprises robust naval vessel technologies and intelligent automation systems to maximize the availability and reliability of your naval fleet.

SINAVY offers benefits for:

 Surface vessels – e.g. with our engine monitoring and control system ECMS Submarines – e.g. with our permanent excited propulsion motor Permasyn Discover our offering for naval vessels


Norled car ferry Ampere

zero emission car ferry

First fully electric car ferry in the world in operation in Norway, “Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards“ winner in the category “Environmental“.

Container vessel UMM SALAL

Container ship UMM SALAL

With the help of a waste heat recovery system (WHRS) energy is generated from a vessel´s exhaust gases.

LHD Juan Carlos I.

LHD juan carlos

Spanish Navy benefits from a Siemens Integrated Drive System and SINAVY eSiPOD.

Electrical fishing vessel Karoline

Container ship UMM SALAL

World’s first full electrical fishing vessel with no CO2 emissions, also less noise and vibration.