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Production Engineering

Individual machines and entire factories can be designed on-screen, and production processes can be simulated and optimized with industrial software.

Integrated Engineering for the glass industry

Integrated Engineering for the glass industry

COMOS is a unique engineering software that – together with the associated product portfolio – can be used to quickly and effectively implement engineering work in glass production. All data is available throughout the entire process, and the software allows easy integration of specific applications.


Integrated engineering – for maximum flexibility

Standardized and integrated solutions make it possible to achieve maximum efficiency in glass production and glass handling. These solutions accelerate commissioning of the production plant, improve quality, simplify service and maintenance, and reduce costs throughout the entire lifecycle. The seamless integration of business administration, job management, and glass processing delivers even more benefits.

Integrated engineering ensures consistent, comprehensive engineering throughout all phases of production and your plant’s lifecycle. A uniform database and open system architecture gives you 24/7 global access to up-to-date data and system information. You can parallelize the work processes in your company and increase efficiency in all areas – from the initial design to basic and detail engineering to automation and plant operation.

For planning the cold end, PLM-Tecnomatix simulation software can be used to plan and optimize lines and processes.


Other areas of the production process

Product design

Production planning