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Reliable and effective production processes are essential in glass production – and plant-wide automation based on Totally Integrated Automation will also maximize your plant’s availability.

Maximum plant availability

Maximum plant availability at f | glass

The SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system delivers high plant availability.
Gerd Schmitz, head of production at f | glass, explains how well the system works at his plant and describes the benefits for the production.

Energy-efficient production and transparency in the entire process

Today efficient plant operation requires maximum transparency and information. By connecting the field and control levels to the MES level, operators can see at a glance how much energy and raw materials have been consumed in specific areas, which enables them to evaluate their options to operate their plant more efficiently.
In addition, the data provides important information on the plant’s status, including in sensitive production areas like the melting furnace. This makes it possible to tailor the necessary repairs and preventive maintenance measures to actual requirements.

Thanks to plant-wide automation, it is now much easier to implement data transparency throughout the plant and across the entire production process. During the entire lifetime of their plants, glass manufacturers benefit from increased efficiency and significantly reduced operating costs in all areas of production.

Other areas of the production process

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