Sustainability reducing total costs

There are many different ways of cutting the total cost of ownership (TCO) in the food & beverage industry, not only with regard to initial acquisition costs but also, and primarily, the costs of operation, servicing and maintenance. Here are some options.

Integrated automation

Totally Integrated Automation - the basis of our range of solutions for the food & beverage industry -- facilitates the integration of all production steps as well as a continuous flow of information from field level to management level. Consistent standardization ensures minimal interface problems and maximum time and cost savings throughout the entire life cycle of your systems.

Intelligent management and IT systems

Using our intelligent management systems and IT solutions, you can integrate all relevant operational areas into a comprehensive architecture — from process automation, facility management, power generation and distribution, and MES to servicing and maintenance.

Efficient filling and packaging

Our Optimized Packaging Line (OPL) continuous automation concept will ensure optimal integration of filling and packaging in the production line. OPL places the entire plant on a common automation and communication standard, resulting in seamless integration using standardized interfaces (according to OMAC and Weihenstephan standard definition) plus simplified operation, servicing and maintenance.

Sustainable resource management

Our solutions also can help you make the most effective use of energy and water: for example, with integrated concepts for energy supply, innovative systems and services for efficient water and wastewater treatment, and intelligent building services solutions that network individual building zones economically.