Using energy and water more efficiently

Our range includes a comprehensive selection of products, systems and services for the sustainable and future-proof production of food and beverage with the most important aspects being how energy and water can be used more efficiently?

Integrated solutions for power distribution

With Totally Integrated Power, we can provide you with end-to-end solutions for power distribution from the medium-voltage level to the consumer. Our solutions can generate significant energy saving potential in industrial and functional buildings.
The cornerstone of our energy concept is the comprehensive Power Management System, which will help you improve your energy consumption visibility, energy quality, and power distribution systems availability.

Energy-efficient drive technology

Energy-efficient drives can save huge amounts of power. Benefit from our comprehensive range of frequency converters and highly efficient motors with up to 40% less power loss than standard motors.

Smart water and wastewater treatment

Because of our many years of experience optimizing of water supply and usage, we can support you with a wide range of solutions and services. A few examples are: systems for treatment of process and production water and for wastewater purification, disinfection systems and bioprocesses, and our complete solutions for water recovery offering exceptionally high recovery rates.