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03 - 2015
Paulaner brewery, Germany - Paulaner brewery, Germany - When the Paulaner brewery in Munich decided to relocate its operations from the Nockherberg to Langwied, every aspect was thoroughly planned in advance. To ensure that the set-up of the new brewing site would go smoothly, Paulaner relied on the Tecnomatix simulation tool. more
03 - 2015
Augustiner brewery, Germany - Augustiner brewery, Germany - Founded in 1328, Augustiner brewery is the oldest brewery in Munich. This history creates a sense of obligation: anyone with such a long tradition wants to continue to brew premium beers in the future.The brewery decided to also upgrade its Siemens Braumat process control system. more
08 - 2013
The Saint Louis Brewery Inc., United States - The Saint Louis Brewery Inc., United States - With a new Braumat control system to help, the Saint Louis Brewery can keep its cool. The brewery was able to increase production by 50 percent while simultaneously reducing production time and ensuring consistent quality. more
07 - 2013
- Building standard machines to custom specification - Learn how Burr Oak reduced their engineering development time by up to 30% with the use of the S7-1500 PLC and TIA Portal. more
12 - 2012
- - Australian success story, Coopers Brewery – the largest family-owned brewery and the third largest brewery in this country –.celebrates its 150th anniversary in this year. Its popularity among Aussie and international beer drinkers has enabled the company to move from strength to strength. more
09 - 2012
Plzenský Prazdroj, a.s. (Czech Republic) - - The British systems integrator FMA managed the successful migration of one of the world’s most efficient barrel filling plants to a new control system with only 12 lost working days. An innovative automation concept featuring wireless technology contributed to the project’s success. more
05 - 2011
Saint Louis Brewery, Inc. (USA) - - Sales and production growth beyond your expectations is a good problem to have; your beer is popular, it’s being buoyed up by the rising tide of craft beer acceptance. They really like you! more
05 - 2011
Crown Valley Brewery (Ste. Genevieve, Mo., USA) - - Crown Valley Brewery, in Ste. Genevieve, Mo., is using the Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT Compact to control its brand-new Newlands System brewhouse from mash-in to fermentation to CIP. Crown Valley’s Director of Operations, Bryan Siddle, looked at brewery operations all over the world before making his decision, and he picked Siemens. more
05 - 2011
Heineken Asia Pacific, China - Full Range - Siemens was selected to provide a complete range of process instruments for the new brewery of Guangzhou Heineken Asia Pacific Breweries. Siemens will supply instrumentation for more than 400 measuring points. more
05 - 2011
Palm Breweries, Belgium - Consistently Unique - With an MES based on Simatic IT, Palm Breweries has achieved and even exceeded its strategic goals of improving traceability and integrating quality and process improvements in two breweries in Belgium. more
01 - 2011
Yazoo Brewing; Nashville, TN (USA) - - Craft breweries are quickly learning that the Siemens Braumat Compact system can have a measurable, positive impact on their operations. more
10 - 2010
SABMiller, United Kingdom - A New Brew - SABMiller is commissioning a brewing research facility at the University of Nottingham that will push the boundaries of conventional brewing technology. The research brewery is equipped with automation technology from Siemens. more
10 - 2010
Privatbrauerei Eibau, Privatbrauerei Welde - Taste Tailor - The Braumat Compact process control system targets micro and craft breweries and offers a set of features that help brewers tailor the taste of their beer to exactly meet the expectations of their customers. more
10 - 2010
SABMiller, United Kingdom - Accredited Supplier - After an exhaustive process to accredit original equipment suppliers based on SABMiller’s GLT.CP.015 Standard for the Assessment of Equipment Suppliers Quality Management System, Siemens has become the first supplier to be accredited. more
10 - 2010
Unser Bier, Switzerland - “Beer from Here, Not Beer from There” - The Unser Bier brewery in Basel, Switzerland, chose Braumat Compact for the expansion of its plant and achieved higher quality as well as continuity of the brewing process at much lower operational costs. more
09 - 2009
Grupo Mahou–San Miguel,Spain - Premium Product and Process Quality - To strengthen its reputation as a top quality brewer, Grupo Mahou-San Miguel has implemented an integrated quality management and traceability system based on components from the Siemens MES portfolio SIMATIC IT. The solution includes a LIMS (laboratory information management system), a material management module, and a product specification management system. more
08 - 2009
AB InBev, Belgium - Harmonized and Optimized Quality Operations - AB InBev relies on SIMATIC IT Unilab to help provide the market with the right brands, at the right cost and taking into account regional preferences. more
07 - 2009
Birra Peroni SpA, Italy - Centralized Quality Management - Birra Peroni SpA implemented Siemens’ LIMS SIMATIC IT Unilab for a centralized approach to quality management across several plants and labs. They have realized substantial improvements in product quality and are now well equipped to address regulatory issues. more
07 - 2009
Carlsberg Group - Cheers to Corporate MES Standardization - Carlsberg implements a corporate MES standard in order to optimize the benefits from a Manufacturing Execution System in terms of efficiency, quality and traceability at the lowest possible IT cost of ownership. The choice fell on a solution based on SIMATIC IT. The solution was developed by the solution partner ATS based on SIMATIC IT libraries. The first part of this solution went live at the pilot plant in April 2009. A phased implementation and roll-out to 15 plants is planned for the next 4 years. more
01 - 2009
“Old Brewery” (Belzig, Germany) - Modern Convenience in a Historical Atmosphere - A historical building which wants to meet the needs of relaxation seeking tourists has to be equipped with high-quality, contemporary building technology today, like the Castle Brewery in Belzig, Germany. The DELTA profil and DELTA line switch and socket series make a major contribution. more
11 - 2008
Bell’s Brewery Inc., USA - Precision Brewing - By utilizing the benefits of the extremely compact and cost-effective Braumat PCS 7 Compact process control system, Bell's Brewery has a temperature control system in place that rivals the major brewers' systems in efficiency. more
11 - 2008
Yazoo Brewing Company, USA - Craft Solution - Since opening its doors in 2003, craft brewer Yazoo Brewing Company, of Nashville, Tennessee, has grown 50 percent annually. more