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Conveyor technology from goods receipt to outgoing

Conveyor technology plant in 3D

The new distributed inverter SINAMICS G110M from Siemens

This video describes the advantages of the new distributed inverter SINAMICS G110M that is used, motor-mounted, on SIMOGEAR geared motors.

Siemens at LAPP Cable Ludwigsburg

Siemens has delivered the automation and mechanical systems solution for the new service Center from Lapp Cable.

Siemens Conveyor technology at LAPP Cable

Siemens in logistics center Lapp Cable. The conveyor technology for the drum storage includes the connection to the storage and retrieval machines, goods received and placing the cable drums on pallets and removing them and much more.

Driverless transport system at LAPP cable

Nine automatic guided vehicles ensure that the cable cutting machines are flexibly integrated into production and the flow of goods. These supply and remove cable drums to and from the 21 cable cutting machines, move defective drums to the repair shop and transport drums where some of the cable has been removed back to the conveyor system.

Storage and retrieval machine at LAPP cable

Challenges for the Lapp- storage and retrieval machine:
- Low tensile forces on the rolled cement floors of the warehouse area and optimally used surface.
Solution: - Special approach and braking distances and their associated monitoring. Further storage and retrieval machines designed for operation without requiring intermediate storage.

Storage-and-retrieval, conveyor systems with Integrated Drive Systems

The storage and retrieval machine as highlight with upstream conveyor technology (stacking crane also called high bay racking system) shows the unique concept in the value-added of Integrated Drive Systems (IDS).

SIMOGEAR Geared Motors in Conveyor Systems

Geared motors are especially suitable for use in conveyor systems, so contributing to a reliable flow of goods in your company. Learn more about the new SIMOGEAR geared motors with a range from 0.09 kW up to 15 kW - and a gear unit torque up to 1,850 Nm.


Experience our products and solutions for flexible and highly dynamic buffer and conveyor technology.

Innovative Model for Conveyor Systems

The Conveyor Technology Model highlights the efficient and energy-saving automation of logistics processes. It shows an innovative concept on the basis of the new Simogear geared motors with efficiency class IE2 or IE3 which are controlled by central Sirius M200D motor starters or decentral Sinamics G120D frequency inverters.

Conveyor Technology at the Hanover Fair

The Solution for an industrial conveyor system with frequency converter SINAMICS G110, motor starter SIRIUS M200D and motors fulfilling the IE2 standard was presented at the Hanover Fair.

Conveyor System with Frequency Converter SINAMICS G120D

Solution for a conveyor system with frequency converter SINAMICS G120D, SIMATIC ET 200pro FC combined with Safety Integrated and a communication interface to PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

Integrated Automation Solutions for the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, the innovative and flexible clamping technology enables the production of different vehicle types on a single line. Customer benefits are rapid lifting and lowering movements as well as a greater positioning accuracy and short cycle times.

Storage and Retrieval Machine - Anti-Sway System (Demonstration Video)

When a storage and retrieval machine accelerates and brakes, this causes the mast to sway. We have two ways of compensating.

Oscillation extinction with and without VIBX – workshop comparison (Demonstration Video)

When a storage and retrieval machine accelerates and brakes, this causes the mast to sway. Time is lost while the system has to wait until the mast comes to a standstill before the load-handling equipment is moved into the rack. It also puts a strain on the mechanical system.

Storage and Retrieval Machine - Safety Integrated (Demonstration Video)

For storage and retrieval machines, a comprehensive and flexible safety concept is absolutely mandatory.

Storage and Retrieval Machine - Energy Efficiency (Demonstration Video)

Our line module capable of energy recovery means that energy can be recovered and used by other loads.

Storage and Retrieval Machine - Synchronous Velocity and Load Distribution (Demonstration Video)

The velocity gearing function ensures that the friction wheels have the same velocity in the direction of travel, independent of their radius. In addition, the load distribution option distributes the load across the two drives.