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SICEMENT Electrification –
Electrical distribution systems for the cement industry

In a cement plant, electrical distribution systems are exposed to the harshest conditions. At the same time, energy consumption and costs continue to rise. SICEMENT Electrification modules and systems provide the exact amount of energy needed, thereby eliminating costly downtime and reducing energy costs.

Energy distribution systems

SICEMENT Electrification energy distribution systems are tailored to the requirements of industrial cement plants. Based on low-maintenance modules, they integrate a wide variety of power-consuming equipment because of their universal standardisation. It is therefore possible to link up the large spectrum of process applications to a universal integrated system. This is the basis for centrally controlling and regulating the total energy requirement within the CEMAT process management control level and outwards to the field and is the only way to solve problems quickly and avoid costly outages.


Where supply voltage is transformed from medium to low level, the closer the power consumer is to the energy distribution, the lower the energy transmission losses are. So for cost-saving reasons alone, it is important to locate transformers as close as possible to the power consumer. That is why SICEMENT Electrification comprises particularly compact transformers which can be installed in practically any environment.

HV, MV and LV Switchgear models

From the supply to the main energy distribution and through to the power consumers, SICEMENT Electrification uses modular switchgear to provide safe energy distribution across the entire manufacturing process of the cement plant. They cater for the specific industrial demands of the sector and completely span the entire high, medium and low voltage distribution range. All switchgear is incorporated into the integrated Siemens communications architecture and can therefore provide all key consumption data to the CEMAT process management level.

Circuit breaker

Siemens circuit breakers, an inherent feature of a SICEMENT Electrification solution, reliably protect motors and equipment from overload and ensure the safe and uninterrupted running of the cement production even under permanent operation. Another feature of circuit breakers is that they are able to communicate and keep the process management level updated with the latest information on both plant and line consumption.

Energy management and optimisation

There is considerable untapped potential for energy-saving within cement plants. SICEMENT Electrification enables plant operators to manage energy consistently. Due to the complete transparency in consumption and efficient power distribution, this integrated system helps to improve energy use and significantly reduce costs. Modules such as protection and measuring equipment for collecting precise consumption data provide the ideal basis for process streamlining. With energy management add-ons to our CEMAT process control system, energy values can easily be displayed and evaluated. This not only gives works operators a clear display of energy consumption, but it also allocates to the correct cost centre based on usage, and has automatic load management.

 Ideal solution packages

For consultation, planning, engineering, implementation and commissioning - Siemens delivers tailored SICEMENT Electrification solutions which can also cater for special requirements. Our expert staff support system upgrades where needed, including removal or recycling of obsolete equipment. We provide the best personal service possible.