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SICEMENT Drive Solutions

In cement plants, drive solutions represent the link between electrical and mechanical systems and it is therefore necessary to plan the drive system design to meet mechanical requirements. As these mechanical modules usually originate from more than one supplier, their technical demands and specifications vary. Our SICEMENT Drive Solutions stand out because of their availability, energy efficiency, simple operation and ease of maintenance. Our standardized systems allow simple integration for different requirement.

A drive solution for every process

Whether for the raw mill, kiln, belt conveyer or fine milling, it is important to select the correct drive model and dimensioning to achieve uninterrupted and energy-efficient operation. The SICEMENT Drive Solutions portfolio includes specific drive solutions for all normal cement production processes. Despite the wide power spectrum, standardisation allows them to be completely incorporated into an integrated power supply network and control system.

This is vital to guarantee safe and transparent operation of processes throughout the cement works.

Designed for efficiency

A system design incorporating SICEMENT Drive Solutions gives you the best output and power utilisation. Because we offer such a large selection, you can choose the optimum drive to fulfil each particular mechanical task. For example, speed-controlled drives reduce mechanical impact load because of their soft start feature and frequency converters with feedback capability put power back into the grid during breaks. Gearless motors also offer the unique benefit of saving space.

Drive System Upgrades

The SICEMENT services portfolio includes upgrading existing motors and drives with new, efficient drive systems. Converting to variable speed operation gives significant advantages in terms of both running and energy efficiency.