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Construction Materials Industry


Market demand for construction materials is fluctuating with the state of the economy. Energy prices are steadily intensifying their pressure on the cost base.

Environmental concerns are increasing and regulations are becoming harsher. Customers are posing stricter quality requirements. Today the construction materials industry faces a host of challenges.

Siemens’ solutions

Siemens is the right partner for you to handle those challenges. With our broad portfolio, we can support you in:

  • improving your operations, and so saving operating and capital costs as well as  energy

  • ensuring higher availability and therefore higher plant productivity

  • lowering costs and extending the life of your equipment

  • delivering the highest product quality and top service to your customers

  • gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace


  • Industry expertise
    We understand your business and your technological challenges and we are   ready to work with you to solve your most pertinent problems.

  • Global presence
    We offer support and delivery to any corner of the world to improve your global growth. If necessary, specialists can be at your location within hours.

  • One-stop shopping
    Receiving all your needs for electrical components from a single source saves engineering and maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle of your plant and ensures a seamless integration.

  • Technological leadership and innovation
    When you partner with Siemens, you partner with a trendsetter, and you will always have the latest technological advancements available - for the construction materials industry!