Complete solutions for process analytics in biogas production

The typical demands placed on process analytics for biogas production are: precise measurements, rugged devices, transparency, and integration capability. The Siemens portfolio for gas analysis offers the right solutions. Compared to the pure production of raw biogas, gas conditioning comprises far more analysis and automation.

  • ULTRAMAT 23 allows continuous and drift-free measurements, i.e. as a result of cyclic autocalibration with ambient air and without calibration gases. The continuous gas analysis is used to monitor and control the fermentation process, and for quality control of the generated biogas.

  • In order to feed-in the conditioned biogas into the natural gas grid in accordance with the public guidelines, it is necessary to know the calorific value and the density of the gas in addition to its composition. SITRANS CV is the appropriate analyser for determining the calorific value.

Siemens supports you as the owner of a biogas plant with regard to your documentation obligations by means of automatic archiving and reporting, thus making a contribution to increased sustainability and economy during production of the biogas.