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Assembly – responding flexible to the requirements of today and tomorrow

Efficient body identification and just in time/just in sequence assembly increase production quality. This is one of the benefits of our service for the final assembly in the automotive industry.

Tasks in the final assembly

All aspects of the automotive assembly line – from timing to quality to quantity – require precise coordination.

Planning of a complete assembly line

Video: How to manage mixed
Video: How to manage mixed-model production and ramp-up to the volume production

With Siemens PLM software, you can perform early evaluation of cycle time, estimate budgets and analyze assembly costs. Tecnomatix offers capabilities such as line balancing, enterprise process planning, throughput analysis and resource planning.

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Volvo Cars - Robotic simulation with Tecnomatix

Robotics simulation at Volvo Cars

Tecnomatix Process Simulate is used for 99% of all robotics programming at Volvo Cars today

Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars

Process planning tools support Volvo Cars’ expansion to Asia Pacific region

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Efficient engineering with Totally Integrated Automation

Automation concepts for final assembly

Siemens seamlessly integrates controllers, distributed I/O, HMI, drives, motion control and motor management into a single engineering environment - TIA Portal. TIA Portal opens the door to the world of Totally Integrated Automation.

The Siemens comprehensive industrial communications solutions allow efficient integration of all company areas into one coherent system.

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Totally Integrated Automation

Efficient automation starts with efficient engineering

Totally Integrated Automation: Efficiency driving productivity


Benefits in preassembly at Continental

New safety relay ensures perceptible improvements in constructing preassembly plants


SIMATIC Ident: Non-contact guidance

RFID technology coordinates smooth manufacturing- and data flow in fully automated assembly lines

Audi AG: Reduced complexity in production

Audi AG, Neckarsulm

Reduced complexity in production

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Virtual commissioning

Tecnomatix virtual commissioning

With Tecnomatix virtual commissioning, simulation and control engineers can verify robot programs including system logic in a holistic simulation environment. They can also perform “what-if” scenarios to check system  behavior during possible system failures.

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New car projects shortened by two months using Tecnomatix

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Manufacturing Execution and Quality Management

Manufacturing Execution and Quality Management

Agile supply chains, synchronized production operations and real-time plant visibility are required to respond to market fluctuations and to keep product quality high. The Manufacturing Operations System helps to achieve that. It consolidates all production processes to improve manufacturing execution process, quality management, and advanced planning and scheduling.

SIMATIC IT Manufacturing Execution System controls and optimizes material and order management, production monitoring and asset management, as well as manufacturing and quality management.

IBS Quality Management System provides real-time information on the company’s production and quality situation.

SIMATIC IT Preactor advanced planning and scheduling (APS) allows detailed production scheduling and capacity planning.

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Maserati and the Future of Manufacturing

Italian passion. Virtually developed. Efficiently built.

Maserati is improving its competitiveness by digitalizing the production process.

Solutions for vehicle manufacturers

Just-in-time – Just-in-sequence

"Off-the-shelf" solutions for vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) to manage complete information flows

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Turnkey and automation solutions for car assembly

As a globally operating supplier of energy efficient, automated complete solutions for the assembly shop, Siemens offers expert consulting for installation of new systems as well as for modernization of and upgrades to existing production systems. Siemens supplies everything from a single source, and all based on its automation standards

Flexible production in automotive manufacturing
Video: Flexible production in automotive manufacturing

Siemens provides solutions best fit to the current challenges of automobile manufacturing. The focus is on automation of production equipment as well as complete systems for material handling, assembly of complex parts, testing and manufacturing operations management.

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Services in assembly

Services in assembly

The Siemens Industrial Network Validation service reduce the risk of unplanned downtimes and improve the system availability of your assembly line.

Siemens offers Migration and Modernization Services that can prolong the life of your machine with upgrade of automation components.

With an Integrated Plant Maintenance service Siemens enables highest availability of your assembly line.

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Maintenance Outsourcing at Volkswagen Final Assembly Shop in Bratislava

SIEMENS provides maintenance services around the clock to VW in Bratislava for already more then 10 years. It helps to keep machines up and running almost 98% of the time assuring highest production rate.

Motor management program for Ford Otosan at Izmit

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Holistic approach for the entire value chain

Product design

Product design

How can I create a high-quality product?

Production planning

Production planning

How can I have a flexible production process and adapt to changes quickly?

Production engineering

Production engineering

How can I lower my engineering effort?

Production execution

Production execution

How can I receive scalable process information in real time?



What can I learn from the data that my plant generates?