Industrial Security –

comprehensive plant protection against cyber threats

Integrated into the TIA Portal, the appropriate industry-compatible security products for network security and system integrity enable efficient protection of industrial communication – and implementation of the Industrial Security concept from Siemens for protecting industrial plants and automation systems.

Systematic minimization of the danger of an internal or external attack on plants and networks.


Based on the globally proven defense-in-depth strategy, intrusion by an attacker is made more difficult by a series of obstacles and plant accessibility is protected.

  • Plant security due to the physical protection of the plant by setting up customer-specific security management

  • Network security due to segmentation of the network and use of firewalls and VPN tunnels: protection from unauthorized access and protected communication

  • System integrity  due to integrated security functions that protect against unauthorized access and manipulation

Totally Integrated Automation


The digitization of automation
is progressing steadily.

Today Ethernet connections extend
all the way to the field level.

This offers many benefits,

while also entailing risks.

Industrial Security
with Totally Integrated Automation
provides comprehensive protection for:


The security functionalities
are integrated in the
automation components.

And integration in the TIA Portal
also ensures fast and easy engineering.

This is how you protect
your knowledge and
ensure the availability
of the plant.


Overview: TIA product portfolio

Industrial Security

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