TIA Portal Openness

Efficient program code generation


Reduce redundant workflows



Efficient creation of program code using code generators connected via the TIA Portal Openness interface



TIA Portal Openness offers the following features for program generation:

  • Manage / open project

  • Library administration

  • Project translation


  • Export / import PLC module

  • Export / import variables table

  • Handling of external sources

  • Online connection to PLCs

  • Comparison of PLCs

HMI (Panels / RT Advanced):

  • Export / import images

  • Export / import variables

  • Export / import graphics

  • Export / import scripts

  • Export / import cycles

  • Export / import lists of text and graphics


Added value

  • Greater efficiency through faster execution of the task

  • Accuracy resulting from automated, consistent processes

  • Short IBN times thanks to program-based configuration creation

  • Increased competitiveness through more targeted resource usage

Video TIA Selection Tool and TIA Portal

Comprehensive plant planning and engineering with TIA Selection Tool
and TIA Portal

A highlight of the TIA Portal is the integrated interface to the TIA Selection Tool and ECAD systems such as EPLAN.
Via the open standard AutomationML, you can import the created configurations into the TIA Portal or an ECAD system.
Using the same standard, you can now also
import planning data from EPLAN in the TIA Portal.