Support for standardized connections – regardless of the platform


  • Industrie 4.0 / Industrial IoT
    As part of digitalization, the networking and communication of a wide range of systems play a key role.

  • Interoperability between production and the IT level
    Data from the production and process level is made available at the company level, resulting in everything from ensured product quality to optimized production.

  • Networking of a wide range of devices and systems
    An independent and open standard is required to network systems from a wide range of platforms (PC, SPS, HMI, tablets, etc.). A semantic description of the data has been integrated to ensure that the data from a wide range of systems and manufacturers can be clearly interpreted.

  • As part of networking across plant sections, the topic of data security is becoming increasingly important. This topic ranges from access protection to secure transmission methods, particularly via the Internet.




An open communication standard for I4.0 communication concepts. As a supplement to PROFINET, OPC UA offers a convenient interface to third-party providers and for connection to higher-level systems such as Scada, MES, and to a cloud.


Technical features

  • Multi-level runtime license concept for OPC UA in the S7-1500

  • OPC UA server & client available in all HMI devices

  • Easy parameterization and configuration in TIA Portal


Added value

  • Simple, standardized, and secure connectivity across all levels

  • Platform and manufacturer independent

  • The combination of OPC UA & PROFINET satisfies all industry requirements with regard to digitalization

  • Limitless communication across all levels with no gateways or additional hardware

  • Use of only one network from automation to the IT level

  • Unrestricted parallel operation with PROFINET and TCP/IP

  • Simple expansion of the existing PN network through the OPC UA devices

  • Maximum scalability