Multiuser Engineering

Coordinated teamwork – work on the same project in a team


Collaboration of several engineers for a shared project to reduce time-to-market




Storage and common processing of projects on a server with TIA Portal multiuser – the shared project is stored on a multiuser server, the engineers (= clients) each create a local session of this project, in which they add changes and then synchronize them with the project on the server.



  • For HMI and PLC objects

  • System-based coordination of teamwork through colored markings of objects

  • One license per workplace required for write-access by clients

  • Up to 25 session can be created or managed per project on a server


  • Enables function- and device based division of labor in a team

  • Reduces manual coordination through colored markings

  • Enables access to a shared project, resulting in parallelization of tasks