Why safety? Machine safety is a must!

Machine manufacturers and operators are obliged by law to ensure the safety of people and the environment. In other words: machinery which is manufactured or operated in Europe must be safe – whether it is new or used. You can find out which legal requirements have to be met under > Standards and Directives.

Functional safety also protects you from high costs!

There are also some economic reasons for avoiding as far as possible every risk a machine may pose, right from the start:

  • Avoidance of direct consequential costs of personal injuries (for medical care, wages and compensations)

  • Avoidance of indirect consequential costs of injuries (e.g. fines due to non-compliance with regulations or repair costs)

  • Enhanced productivity through increased machine availability: reduction of unplanned downtimes and smoother production workflows

  • Prolonged service life of the systems

  • Enhanced global competitiveness through improved export capability of machines