Functional Safety for Machines and Plants

Why is safety so important? How can you implement the machinery directive and how is a risk assessment done?  In this new film, you will find a lot of useful information about machine safety. We show you how to achieve the CE marking.

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Mandatory in Europe, employed worldwide

European machine manufacturers (product safety) and machine operators (industrial safety) are required by law to ensure the protection of persons and the environment. The safety awareness is constantly increasing in many other countries where such legal regulations are not yet in place.

Machines “provided” in Europe have to be safe – whether they are new or old. In this context, the term “provision” implies that the machine is manufactured or significantly modified in Europe – or is imported to and operated in Europe.

The basic requirements for machine manufacturers or system operators who significantly modernize and modify their machines themselves are laid down in corresponding European directives – for example in the machinery directives, EMC directives, etc.