Safely-Limited Position (SLP)

The SLP function monitors the axis to ensure that it remains within the permissible traversing range.


When SLP is activated, the traversing range limited by the configured software limit switch is safely monitored. If the permitted traversing range is exited, a configurable fault response is initiated. It is possible to toggle between two traversing ranges, even during operation.


SLP is used for applications in which machine operators have to enter a protection area, e.g. for feeding in and removing material. Safe monitoring of the axis position ensures that the axis cannot move into the protection area released for operators, placing them in danger, e.g. for stacker cranes, gantry cranes, production centers.

Customer benefits

SLP can be used for highly-effective protection area monitoring. The function eliminates the use of external components such as hardware limit switches and the associated wiring complexity. Because the response time following a limit overshoot is short, safety clearances can be reduced.