All safety modules can diagnose internal and external errors and are designed with internal redundancy. They have their own self-tests and meet the necessary safety requirements.

In addition to this, "safety" and "non-safety" I/O modules can be combined in one SIMATIC ET 200 station. The connection is implemented either via PROFINET or PROFIBUS and using the PROFIsafe profile.

SIMATIC ET 200 I/O for the control cabinet

SIMATIC ET 200SP – The new generation of distributed I/O

With the SIMATIC ET 200SP, safety-related communication using PROFIsafe is also possible. The safety modules for digital inputs and outputs (DI and DQ) are the same size as the standard modules.

  • Storing of the PROFIsafe address on coding element > No DIP switch

  • Functional safety is certified according to EN 61508

  • Designed for safety-related use up to SIL 3 according to EN 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849

SIMATIC ET 200MP – The multi-channel distributed I/O of the new generation

The ease of application of the SIMATIC ET 200MP is seen by a modular and scalable station configuration with SIMATIC S7-1500 modules in a distributed configuration.

  • Storing of the PROFIsafe address on coding element > No DIP switch

  • Designed for safety-related use up to SIL 3 according to IEC 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849

  • Comprehensive, channel-specific diagnostics

  • F-DQ: Choice of sourcing or sinking circuits (per configuration)

  • F-modules and standard modules can be combined within a PC station

SIMATIC ET 200M - The multi-channel S7-300

The fail-safe modules of the S7-300 can be used either centrally in the S7-300 or distributed in the ET 200M. The ET 200M distributed I/O system is a DP slave in IP20 degree of protection. Up to 8 multi-channel signal modules (e.g. 32 digital inputs) and function modules as well as communications processors of the S7-300 can be used as I/O modules - the interface to the process.

  • Modular configuration with fail-safe modules of the SIMATIC S7-300

  • Functions: Digital inputs/outputs, analog inputs, NAMUR

  • High plant availability thanks to redundancy, hot swapping, and configuration changes during operation

  • No slot rules

  • Use in hazardous areas (Zone 2)

SIMATIC ET 200iSP - Intrinsically-safe I/O for hazardous areas

SIMATIC ET 200iSP can be used in hazardous areas with a gas or dust atmosphere:

  • The ET 200iSP station can be installed in Zones 1, 21 and 2, 22.

  • The connected sensors and actuators can also be located in Zones 0 and 20.

Communication between the field devices and the process control system or automation system is via PROFIBUS DP. The terminal blocks commonly used today, as well as the necessary distribution boards and Ex isolating transformers for the individual signals, are eliminated.

  • Individual configuration and flexible expansion due to modular design

  • Module replacement (hot swapping) and configuration expansion (Configuration in Run) possible during operation

  • Can be linked at the signal end to HART without restricting functionality

  • Condensation-proof modules in temperature range -20°C to +70°C

  • Full redundancy of PROFIBUS and power supply

  • Operation in hazardous areas (Zones 2 and 1)

SIMATIC ET 200 I/O without control cabinet

SIMATIC ET 200pro - Modular and multifunctional

SIMATIC ET 200pro is a very compact, extremely rugged and high-performance I/O device in IP65/67 degree of protection. Its modular and time-saving design allows customer-specific distributed automation solutions to be flexibly implemented.

  • The integrated CPU in the interface module reduces the load on the central controller and enables fast reactions to time-critical signals.

  • Modular design with an extremely compact enclosure

  • Easy installation including direct mounting on the machine

  • Multifunctional: Digital inputs/outputs, motor starters, and frequency converters

  • Connection via PROFIBUS or PROFINET