At a glance

SIMATIC Safety Integrated is the seamless integration of safety technology in automation, meaning you can use one system for your standard and fail-safe automation. This provides you with economic benefits: Reliability and savings potential in hardware, engineering overhead, and storage costs.



  • High degree of flexibility and scalability due to comprehensive product portfolio

  • Rapid system assembly and commissioning enable fast production startup

  • High availability based on comprehensive diagnostics, the ability to exchange modules during operation, and maintenance-free operation (data retentivity on Micro Memory Card)

Single system both for standard and fail-safe automation

SIMATIC Safety Integrated is the consistent implementation of safety technology in accordance with Totally Integrated Automation. That means that Siemens integrates safety-related functions into standard automation in a consistent and convenient manner.

The advantages of SIMATIC Safety Integrated using the example of the SIMATIC S7-1200:

System, bus and engineering all in one for standard and fail-safe automation means:

  • Existing engineering know-how can also be utilized for safety

  • Existing network infrastructures can also be used for fail-safe communication

  • Reduced stock-keeping thanks to economization of components

  • Innovations driven by standard automation are also available for safety technology, for example, fail-safe communication via WLAN

  • Easy duplication of software-based safety solutions in contrast to the hardware solution

  • Acceptance-tested, certified solutions can be used frequently as self-contained blocks