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How can the maximum CO2 concentration in a production area be monitored and this automatically ventilated?

The CO2 concentration in a production area should be continuously monitored and controlled using the appropriate ventilation. A control function with CO2 sensor and a ventilation system is required that is operational 365 days a year, and must therefore be energy efficient and reliable.
This means that energy costs can be reduced by up to 37% by optimizing the system and by using new components. This means that it pays off to modernize older ventilation systems.

Basic solution:

The control unit monitors the CO2 concentration using a sensor, and switches the fan on – depending on the demand – via a SIRIUS motor startup or soft starter. As a result of the predominantly long motor operating time at rated load, on/off operation based on the motor starter concept is, from an energy perspective, ideally suited for this type of application. The motors are operated at their optimum efficiency and the switching devices with extremely low intrinsic energy losses. Basic closed-loop control tasks can be practically implemented using intermittent duty, i.e. the motor is either operated at its rated speed or is completely switched off.