Pumps, Fans, CompressorsPumps, Fans, Compressors

Energy-efficient pumps, fans, and compressors pay off

The vast majority of electric motors used in industrial and commercial environments drive pumps, fans, and compressors. The strengths of Integrated Drive Systems from Siemens are fully leveraged in this application environment, where they ensure optimal cost efficiency and make it possible to achieve savings potentials of up to 70 percent.

The special concept behind Integrated Drive Systems from Siemens is its integrated approach to the entire drive train and the driven processes instead of focusing on the individual components. This especially pays off with pumps, fans, and compressors, because the choice of the proper drive variant and control significantly affects the energy efficiency of the entire process. That’s why Integrated Drive Systems are the key to substantially greater energy efficiency and lower operating costs both for retrofits as well as for new projects.



Optimally prepared for the new EN 50598 standard with Integrated Drive Systems

Optimally prepared for the new EN 50598 standard with IDS

Standard EN 50598 defines requirements placed on energy-related products (energy efficiency, eco balancing) for drive systems in electrically-driven machines. It is based on the ErP (Energy-related Products) directive of the EU, which defines the minimum standards for energy using products from the private households, services and industry sectors. This means that all products that convert electric energy to an appreciable extent must be evaluated regarding their efficiency or losses respectively.

SinaSave – the Energy Efficiency Tool

Amortization calculator for energy-efficient drive technology

SinaSave – the Energy Efficiency Tool

SinaSave determines the energy saving potential and amortization based on your particular application conditions. As a consequence, it provides you with specific decision-making help when making investments in energy-efficient technologies.

With Energy Performance Contracting you can lever the full energy saving potential.

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  • Saving potentials from pumps, fans and compressors >200kW can be realized easily with Energy Performance Contracting.

  • Achieved savings pay for the contracting rate and result in additional direct savings.

  • No delays of energy efficiency projects because of in-house resource limitations.

  • Long term security of your investments through retrofit and appropriate services.

IDS system offers for Pumps, Fans, Compressors

Perfectly matched components for each individual application and requirement.

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