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Applications for compressors

How can compressed air be controlled efficiently and at a favorable cost?

In an automotive production environment, compressed air is to be used as one of the main sources of energy. In the production areas, the tools, for example nutrunners, are powered using compressed air. For this application, the highest degree of availability must be guaranteed.
A usage analysis must first be carried out so that the compressed air can be available depending on the actual demand. The system should be dimensioned so that the compressed air is optimally made available for production during weekdays and at weekends.
The compressor solution should be optimized in-line with the compressed air demand and the drive solution should be optimized to achieve the highest energy efficiency.

Basic solution:

A combination of variable and fixed speed drives is the optimum solution for this type of application. While compressors operating at a fixed speed cover the base load, a compressor driven from a converter handles the variable peak demand.
When a compressor fails, redundancy in the compressed air system is provided as a result of the sequential circuit, therefore guaranteeing a high supply reliability. As a result of the sequential circuit, all of the compressors operate in the optimum speed range. The intelligent combination of fixed and variable-speed drives allows energy usage to be slashed by up to 60 % when compared to mechanical control systems.
Further, by using IE3 motors, energy is reduced by up to 10%.