Integrated Drive SystemsIntegrated Drive Systems

Small step, big impact –
energy efficiency and dynamic performance

The new synchronous-reluctance drive system with SIMOTICS and SINAMICS

Siemens expands its portfolio of Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) to include a new drive series based on synchronous-reluctance technology. This motor technology sets itself apart as result of its very high efficiency. As integrated drive system, the reluctance motor and converter are specifically harmonized and coordinated with one another – and facilitate especially cost-effective operation.

The highest efficiency drive system with system efficiency class IES2 guarantees maximum efficiency. This means that minimum operating costs are reached in processes that also require precise control. And finally, a high degree of productivity is guaranteed as a result of the high dynamic performance with short accelerating times and a low moment of inertia. Commissioning is simplified using predefined parameters in the form of a code on the motor rating plate.

SIMOTICS reluctance motors

  • Highest energy efficiency at the rated operating point, comparable with IE4.
    Significantly higher efficiency in the partial load range when compared to induction motors controlled from a converter

  • High dynamic performance and short accelerating times as a result of the low moment of inertia for high productivity

  • High thermal reserves facilitate an exceptionally high overload capability – also in continuous operation – with service factor 1.2, and ensure a high degree of availability.

  • Good controllability as a result of the high speed stability based on the synchronous motor principle

  • Innovative technology that combines the advantages of induction motors with the advantages of synchronous motors


SINAMICS G120 converters

  • The tried and tested standard converter for a wide range of industrial applications

  • Encoderless vector control ensures precise control of torque and motor flux – as well as dynamic performance

  • Extensive range of converter functions, such as flux reduction and flying restart

  • Pole position identification when switching on

  • Fast commissioning from the operator panel by entering the motor code


SINAMICS S120 converters

  • Modular SINAMICS S120 drives for high-performance motion control applications in industrial plant and machinery construction

  • For instance, for high performance single-motor drives and coordinated drives (multi-axis applications)

  • With web server integrated in the firmware – extended for efficient diagnostics and maintenance

  • Numerous technology functions such as Epos, DCC, DCB etc.

  • Comprehensive safety functions such as safe stopping, motion monitoring, position monitoring etc.

How do you combine the highest efficiency with dynamic performance?

The use of synchronous-reluctance technology ensures a noticeably lower energy consumption in all load ranges

Proven products based on standard platforms are used together with integrated innovative technology. The converter motors with synchronous-reluctance technology have been specifically coordinated and harmonized with SINAMICS converters, therefore creating an integrated drive system with the highest efficiency.

When compared to systems with induction motors, synchronous-reluctance technology sets itself apart as a result of the especially high efficiencies – especially in the partial load range – and the high dynamic performance.

In a first step, this innovative technology is available in the power range extending from 0.55 up to 30 kW. The motors are available with aluminum enclosure for general environmental conditions (SIMOTICS GP) – as well as in a cast-iron enclosure (SIMOTICS SD) to address demanding environmental conditions. The SINAMICS vector control ensures an optimum operating response. It is especially simple to commission the drive system using the motor code on the motor rating plate.

Perfectly harmonized drive system comprising motor and converter


Maximum energy efficiency

Drive system with the highest efficiency with IES2 system efficiency class


High degree of productivity

High dynamic performance and short acceleration times as a result of the low moment of inertia


Minimum operating costs

The lowest operating costs in processes that also require precise control