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Completely liquid-cooled system

SIMOTICS FD Motors and SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Modules

Based on the unique concept of Integrated Drive Systems, water-cooled SIMOTICS FD motors and liquid-cooled SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Modules are optimally harmonized and coordinated with one another. The pulse patterns for the converters are precisely designed for the rated pulse frequency of the motors, the motor windings are adapted to the converter output currents and voltages. They form a perfect combination for demanding applications in harsh environmental conditions, such as in the steel, automotive, and process industries.




  • High power density but with low envelope dimensions

  • High overload capability up to the maximum permissible mechanical load for high productivity

  • Low noise level thanks to perfectly coordinated pulse patterns of the motor and converter

  • User friendly terminal box with diagonal split

  • Flexible terminal box position

  • Housing design with internal cooling fins

  • Various encoder systems

  • Wide range of options with various sector packages

  • Country- or sector-specific approvals

SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Modules

SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Modules

  • Efficient heat dissipation and the possibility of waste heat recovery through liquid cooling

  • Serial device with type-tested design such as suitable compartmentalization for optimal cooling of the passive components

  • Flexible adaptation to specific requirements through a comprehensive range of options

  • The DRIVECLiQ drive-internal interface enables quick, reliable communication between the essential SINAMICS S120 drive components

  • Direct exchange of energy and information between the individual drives thanks to the operation of up to four vector drives in one control unit


Efficient cooling concept saves space and reduces costs

Efficient cooling concept

The liquid-cooled motor and converter result in significantly lower space requirement when compared to an air-cooled systems. An unbeatable advantage for applications with low space availability, for instance, for offshore applications, in shipbuilding or in container installation. Liquid cooling is perfectly suited for harsh environmental conditions, such as those in the steel, oil and gas industries, in mining, and in other industrial applications.

In addition, heat dissipation in a fluid-cooled system is more accurate and much more efficient. Room climate control is significantly lower – and the heat dissipated to the cooling liquid can even be used as process heat. This increases the energy efficiency of the system, and, depending on the application, the possibility of energy recovery.


Added value through optimum coordination


Maximum energy efficiency

Drive system with the highest efficiency with IES2 system efficiency class


High degree of productivity

Less unplanned downtime thanks to optimization of the motor to converter operation


High degree of ruggedness

Perfect for harsh environments thanks to high degrees of protection up to IP55

Operation costs

Minimum operating costs

Low operational costs thanks to outstanding energy efficiency and low energy requirements for cooling