Integrated Drive Systems:
Shift your perspective – there's more to it

Siemens Integrated Drive Systems are the world‘s first true one-stop solution for entire drive trains. They enable noticeably shorter time to market and shorter time to profit. Integrating seamlessly in any drive train, any automation environment, and even in the entire lifecycle, Siemens Integrated Drive Systems turn common drive components into drive systems and make mere assets become drivers of success. Siemens Integrated Drive Systems are guaranteed to shift your perspective on drive systems.



Threefold integration creates value added

IDS threefold integration

Siemens Integrated Drive Systems are the only true one-stop solution for entire drive systems worldwide. This consistent approach for the complete drive train is particularly characterized by the concept of threefold integration: horizontal, vertical, and comprehensive lifecycle integration. For improved reliability, productivity, and efficiency.


  • Higher throughput through optimal performance

  • Perfect interaction of all components

  • Reduced engineering effort

  • High degree of flexibility

  • Shorter time to market

  • Improved competitiveness


  • Improved operating times

  • Faster supply of new and replacement components

  • Preventive maintenance /
    condition monitoring

  • Future-proof system environment

  • Global support for the system solution

  • CAPEX security


  • Energy efficiency and better CO 2-balance

  • Easiest maintenance

  • Little maintenance effort

  • Environment protection

  • Optimal use of all capacities

  • Reduced OPEX