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The most important innovations

Here is an overview of the most important innovations.

The New Principle of Navigation

The integration of various search filters will give you access to relevant information after only a few clicks.

Complete product information

A powerful function of the new Industry Online Support is the direct access to complete product information.

mySupport – Overview

The mySupport area will always remain your personal workplace; with this feature you can make the best of your Industry Online Support experience.

mySupport – Filters and Notifications

The function categories of "Filters" and "Notifications" in mySupport are among the major innovations of the Industry Online Support.

mySupport – Personal Messages

Via the message system, you can directly contact other users who have, for example, written forum posts that are of interest to you.

mySupport – Favorites and Tags

Storing favorites is an important component for creating your own knowledge base in mySupport.


Configure your personal download package with just a few clicks.

mySupport Documentation – Your personal library

You can compile all the documents you need for your machines or projects in the new Online Support to make your personal library.

Support Request

The new Support Request is part of mySupport and your most important access channel when you need support in working with products by Siemens Industry.

The Technical Forum

Publish your current technical questions and discuss practical solutions for your tasks with other users.

Register, log on and start off

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