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Your are looking for support, documents or technical informations? Your are right here.


Around the CNC technology, there are many technical terms that need to be explained. In particular, the CNC beginner, many of these technical terms are not known. In SINUMERIK glossary you will find a brief explanation of the most common terms. The glossary is available as a PDF for download.
Have fun exploring the SINUMERIK CNC world!

Forum IndustryArena (CNC-Arena)

View existing conversations and talk to other users about specific SINUMERIK products or and issues, e. g. CNC programming.

SINUPEDIA - the SINUMERIK community on the Web

A new platform for communicating with other SINUMERIK users at! We are very happy to announce an additional opportunity for you to access information on the Web with the page built privately by SINUMERIK fans. Have you always wanted to exchange experiences with other SINUMERIK users or do you have particular questions on practical SINUMERIK issues?

Machine tools retrofit

The fitness routine for your machine tools. Time leaves its mark even on the most modern machine tools. Whether decreasing productivity, newly available functions or an increasing energy consumption: CNC Retrofit, the modernization of machine tools effectively counteracts the impact of time, especially when the mechanical system is still in good shape, but the control or drive technology is no longer state-of-the-art, CNC Retrofit measures are an economical alternative as compared to a new purchase.

Visit for more information about retrofit.

Lifecycle Services

Services throughout the entire life cycle of a machine tool.

You are looking for field service, support, CAD/CAM-CNC process chain or you need financing solutions - your are right here.