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SinuTrain example programs in G-code

G-code sample programs for SinuTrain exercises

SinuTrain provides sample programs for any machine configuration. In the CNC milling machine in ShopMill and in the CNC turning machine in ShopTurn. These sample programs are described in detail in the training documents that are provided as a download in the Service & Support Portal.

The examples in G-code have been missing and have been provided by external coach Hans-Peter Moser. For the turning and milling technology, the G-code programs are available for downloading. The drawings, refer to the training materials specified above.

Download G-code example programs

The programs must be downloaded, unpack the ZIP and copy it to the NC memory from SinuTrain or opened directly from a USB drive. The tools used are already in SinuTrain.





>> Download programs turning

>> Download programs milling