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SINUMERIK Integrate for production

Higher efficiency in production through intelligent IT integration


The SINUMERIK Integrate for production product suite facilitates simple networking of machine tools in the IT of the production landscape. As a consequence, productivity in the production facilities of end users and service for machine builders can be increased. As a result of the optimized production, on one hand, more parts can be produced, and on the other hand, production costs, caused by e.g. missing tools, incorrect CNC programs, high energy usage as well as material and tool inventories, can be reduced.

Products and Solutions

You learn more about the product suite for SINUMERIK Integrate on our Youtube channel.

  • Managing tools with Manage MyTools

  • Managing NC programs with Manage MyPrograms

  • Recording machine conditions with Analyze MyCondition

  • Recording production data with Analyze MyPerformance

  • Remote maintenance with Access MyMachine