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EMO 2015 - News SINUMERIK from the press conference

Press conference ahead of the EMO 2015 at the technology and application center in Piacenza

EMO 2015 - Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing

The world's leading machine tool exhibition will take place once again this year in Milan. The international Siemens Press Conference ahead of the EMO 2015 took place on July 16, 2015. Siemens presented a preview of this year's Siemens trade fair booth in Milan, as well as outlining the company's current strategies and innovations. Read more about the technology news.

Integrated Engineering for optimized machine development

Machine builders who use Integrated Engineering to develop machines can reduce engineering time along the entire process chain by up to 30 percent, saving considerable costs. This innovative solution from Siemens for the virtual commissioning of machine tools enables the interaction of real controllers with virtual machine models, permitting realtime measurements to highlight potential design errors prior to physical machine commissioning. Moreover, the time and effort spent on real commissioning are significantly reduced as the user has plenty of time for fully testing and preparing the actual commissioning phase. The solution uses Mechatronics Concept Designer, an integrated machine design application based on NX software from Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software suite. Mechatronics Concept Designer enables realistic machine simulation, not just on the pure graphic level, but based on actual physical data.

  • Connecting a virtual machine model to a real controller enables real-time measurements

  • Lower development costs and time savings of up to 30 percent due to virtual machine commissioning

  • Accelerated machine tool concept design with Mechatronics Concept Designer


  • NX Mechatronics Concept Designer

  • NX CAM

  • SINUMERIK Controller

Digitalization in production Networks

Our flexible software solution helps identify weaknesses in the manufacturing process and eliminate fault sources, thus contributing to optimizing the manufacturing process. With SINUMERIK Integrate, you can interconnect machines and link them to higher-level IT systems located at the company level.

  • Factory-wide tool and program management – from the shopfloor through to the corporate management level (PLM and ERP)


  • SINUMERIK Integrate Manage MyPrograms

  • Teamcenter


smart Operation

It has never been easier to integrate a machine tool in the manufacturing processes. With smart operation, we enable particularly small and medium-sized enterprises to integrate modern working methods in production with little expenditure.

  • smartOperate: New operating concepts with touch technologies

  • smartIT: All order documents are provided on the machine

  • smartMobile: Retrieve the order status, etc. via mobile devices

Robot Integration

The use of robots directly alongside machine tools, whether it is for handling or for processing tasks, is steadily gaining momentum. In cooperation with KUKA Roboter GmbH, Siemens has developed the intelligent Run MyRobot interface for the integrated automation of machine tools and robots. This means both the machine tool and the robot can be programmed, operated and monitored via the CNC control alone.

The execution of the machine tool and robot program can be tracked and controlled on screen on parallel channels, providing the operator with a quick overview of the current status of the machine tool and the robot. The intuitive user interface of the SINUMERIK Operate CNC controller simplifies handling. This solution has been designed specifically for all industries that have complex automation requirements and for the lightweight construction sector.

  • Intelligent Run MyRobot interface facilitates the integration of robotics and CNC technology

  • Integrated solution: operation, programming, and diagnostics of robots via the intuitive SINUMERIK Operate user interface

  • Ideal solution for industries with high-end automation requirements and for lightweight construction


  • SINUMERIK Integrate Run MyRobot

  • SINUMERIK Controller

New functions in machining: faster and better machining

Numerous new features and functions will help you to increase productivity and quality in machining. For example, in milling and mold making, in milling-turning and turning-milling – in serial production as well as in make-to-order production for smaller quantities.

  • Safe retraction using the Retract function, for example, in case of failures due to unstable power grids

  • Ensure the machining quality by using measurement functions

  • Paperless manufacturing

  • User-friendly operation and programming with SINUMERIK Operate


  • SINUMERIK Operate

  • SINUMERIK Controller

  • SINUMERIK MDynamics