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CNC Handbook 2017

The CNC manual, with more than 300,000 copies sold, is one of the most successful specialist books on NC technology.

CNC Handbook, Hans B. Kief, Helmut A. Roschiwal and Karsten Schwarz

The book is aimed at professional beginners and at CNC professionals. The 30th reissue has been completely revised and updated.

The CNC Handbook is used successfully in the education and further education for many years. This handbook is available in german language. The chapter on generative manufacturing processes, industry 4.0, laser-assisted tool monitoring and the construction of machine tools were thoroughly revised.

For teachers the Hanser publishing house makes lessons accompanying materials available.

These chapters are quiet new

  • Drive control (with drive calculation and drive technology)

  • Chained machine systems

  • NC programming system for gear cutting machines

  • Connection of robots to machine tools

  • Human robot collaboration

  • Smart objects, Internet of services, assistance systems

  • State monitoring and machine data acquisition

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