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Sinumerik live - effective multiclamping

Video series - application technology easily and clearly explained

In the video series SINUMERIK live we present application technology easily and clearly explained. With theory and practice examples you are introduced into productive and professional use of SINUMERIK functions.

In the eighth part of the video series "SINUMERIK live" we present the topic "Effective multiple clamping with SINUMERIK Operate".

In the video you will learn something about the possibilities of saving machining time by multiple clamping and making better use of the machine space. The difference between linear and rotary multiple clamping is explained and it is shown how the SINUMERIK operating function "Multiple clamping" very efficiently prepares the machining of several identical parts or even several different parts.

We will then show you an application example with multiple clamping, machined live on a machine with SINUMERIK 828D control.

Learn more about this in the Video.

06/21/2018 | Author: CNC4you