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Informed discussions from Weiss Spindeltechnologie

A successful spindle workshop

At the first Siemens/Weiss spindle workshop, participants were provided with comprehensive information on spindles, including strategies on how to reduce machine downtime.

At the start of the year, Weiss Spindeltechnologie, the subsidiary of Siemens, held the first spindle workshop at its service center in Maroldsweisach, Germany. Attendees included production workers of the various Siemens sites, who are responsible for issues surrounding machining and machine tools technology. There was a high level of interest and participants were welcomed from almost every region in the German-speaking Siemens world.

Oskar Neuner, Customer Support Manager in the Repair and Service department at Weiss, is delighted with the successful day, and explains the idea from the perspective of those in the Weiss and Siemens management teams. “It is about showing participants the range of services we offer for motor spindle units within the Siemens family, and which strategies we can employ to minimize machine downtime. Furthermore, our product management team has informed our Siemens colleagues about the current developments in motor spindle technology.”

The program for the first workshop also included a company tour, a presentation of Weiss’ latest product and service portfolio and an on-site demonstration of the repair processes. Another important part of the workshop was the exchange of experiences on machine maintenance and many other spindle-related topics. The high-quality feedback will be used by spindle specialists to provide targeted support to their clients in the future.

Following the positive feedback from the first Siemens/Weiss spindle workshop, those responsible have decided to hold further similar events on a regular basis. The focus for the next workshop will be on the effective monitoring of motor spindle units.

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