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Tuning for "Trabis"

Manufacturing special components using a CNC controlled five-axis milling machine.

Helzig is a skilled industrial mechanic by trade and, while working as an instructor from 2002 to 2007, he gained extensive experience with a wide variety of machine tools and different types of controls. During this period he operated conventional turning and milling machines as well as complex CNC controlled machining centers. He also worked with a five-axis milling machine controlled by the SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC with the ShopMill graphical user interface. Helzig says, “This operator control unit impressed me from the outset. Menu navigation is easy and intuitive, so error-free programs can be written incredibly quickly.”

Mario Helzig, who specializes in individual parts and small-batch production, utilizes the possibilities afforded by a SINUMERIK controlled five-axis machining center and mills a wide variety of spare and tuning parts for the Trabant, the cult car affectionately referred to as the “Trabi” by its fans.

You can see fotos here. The whole article you can find in the CNC4you-magazine 1/2012.

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