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IoT in CNC production

Use of the term Internet of Things (IoT) has become quite far reaching. If all definitions are reduced to one common denominator, IoT simply means: "The networking of objects which have the connectivity that enables them to communicate independently with one another via the Internet." The objects are connected to a cloud-based server on which the data is gathered, linked, and analyzed.

The picture initially conjured up by the term Internet of Things is most likely one of interconnected objects — such as household appliances or intelligent thermostats in homes — rather than production with machine tools. However, it is precisely in the latter that the IoT holds enormous potential for increasing the productivity of industrial processes.

Being the "brain" of the machine, CNC plays a key role in this: CNC provides important production data for optimizing production sequences, as well as machine status data for predictive maintenance of the machine.

The actual intelligence, however, lies in drawing the correct conclusions from the data provided. In other words, the IoT is not to be considered solely as a data transport medium. With MindSphere, the open IoT operating system from Siemens, we are providing an IT platform on which a multitude of software applications can contribute to sustainably optimizing productivity in industrial manufacturing.