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A worthwhile Investment - Interview WorldSkills

Interview with Elias Kalt, production manager at Swiss medical device manufacturer Hamilton Bonaduz AG

Mr. Kalt, for how long has your company been sending trainees to the championships?

(right side) Elias Kalt, Production Manager, Hamilton Bonaduz AG

Elias Kalt:

It was a management initiative in 2005 that prompted us to enter the competitions. That’s why we have been taking part in SwissSkills regularly since 2006, with several trainees from various apprenticeships.

And Hamilton actually won a Swiss championship with Tizian. We’ve heard from him that you even invested in a new machine for WorldSkills?

Elias Kalt:

Yes, that’s right. As a SwissSkills champion, Tizian was eligible to participate in WorldSkills. We wanted to do our part to make sure he was well prepared to represent our company and Country.

And are investments like that worthwhile?

Elias Kalt:

Yes, we are convinced that they are. And the core issue here is not the championships but a good apprenticeship. Tizian was a great advertisement for us. Thanks to the additional courses at Siemens and other manufacturers (Fraisa, x-data, etc.), he learned a great deal about new technologies and processes in preparation for the competition. He also learned to work under extreme pressure. He and the participants from other age groups have brought back all this experience to our company. And we all benefit from that here. The competitions are an incredible experience for the trainees, but the companies are clear winners tool.